Caribé! 2018 Masquerade Troupe/Reveler Form


There are a few components that work together to bring Caribé! to life:

  • Cross Cultural Coalition organizes the carnival infrastructure, handles permitting, and manages the overall event.
  • Community groups, organizations, businesses, carnival bands or individuals who register to ‘play mas,’ dance, or parade in the carnival.
  • Carnival Band Captains or Carnival Artists who create a theme for their group, provide the costumes and recruit people to buy the costumes and play/dance in their group.
  • Individuals who create costumes and participate in the parade (not with a group).
  • A carnival group can be organized by an individual, a business, a school, an organization or a performing group.


Categories and Prize Amounts:

  • Best Costume: Adult ($100)
  • Best Costume: Child ($50)
  • Best Group: Adult ($200)
  • Best Group: Child ($100)
  • Best Animal: $50
  • Best Car/Float: $50
  • Best Dancer: Adult ($100)
  • Best Dancer: Kid ($50)

NOTE: If you would like to compete for prizes (i.e. best costume, best group/band, best float, best car, etc.), registration is required. See the details below.

Masqueraders/Groups (6 or more people): Once you register with Cross Cultural Coalition and receive confirmation, you will then need to find a group or carnival band to play with. Your troupe is responsible costume, design and costs. Your troupe chooses a theme, create costumes, choreography, skits, theatrics based on your theme which will be judged in the competition with other completing troupes for a designated period of time. You can also recruit people to join your troupe in the parade. Individuals and smaller groups can check in on the website to decide if they want to request membership in an already registered troupe. Minimum number for a competing group is 10 people.

Masqueraders/Group Participation Fee (ONLY if competing for prizes):

  • Adult Groups: $50.00
  • Children Groups: $25.00

NOTE: It is essential that we involve a diverse range of people working towards the realization of a successful Caribé!
regardless of age, gender, nationality or the presence or absence of a disability.

Fill out the form below to register and participate in the costume competition.

Payment Options:

  • Online:  Once the form is submitted, please CLICK HERE to submit your payment online below.
  • Mail-In:  Make your check or money order to:
    Shops & Studios of Railroad Square
    645 McDonnell Dr.
    Tallahassee, Florida 32310
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